We are giving a shout-out to one of our Artroom artists, Donna McCracken (Donna Briggs), who is a creative practitioner at our Roxburghe House project. Donna has worked with us for sixteen years and has exhibited with GHAT, delivered workshops like bookbinding and paper making, as well as maintaining her own artistic practice. 

Donna has been taking part in ‘Februllage’ – a month of collage-making fun – for six years now. Artists can respond to prompts with an analogue or digital collage. This year, Donna has chosen to impose a number of conditions on her Februllage work: all her collages must be postcard-sized, incorporate a postcard into the work, and use only analogue techniques.  

 ‘I like the discipline of it […] it’s good to have something that gives you a creative push.’ 

Imposing restrictions on making can produce interesting results and can often drive creativity in a direction very different to our usual routes. It’s also fun to try different approaches and see what comes out. Have a look at some of Donna’s Februllage offerings for this year, or take note of the prompts and see how you’d interpret them yourself. 

Website: donnaebriggs.art
Instagram: @donnaebriggsart