Chris Lee is primarily a writer, director, and sometimes performer for theatre. Much of his work is collaborative and multi-arts in nature. Chris co-founded Wildbird with Graeme Roger in 2006 and since then they’ve gone on to work on a range of projects from theatre, film, visual art and public art to site-specific performance, and projections as well as a wide range of community and education projects.

Past projects include plays:
Fall of the Peacock Throne (2007)
The Mysterious Death of Netta Fornario (2011)
Dreich House – Adventure Activity Holidays for Children That Nobody Loves (2014)

Chris likes to write in a variety of styles and forms including plays, poetry, and prose. This project sees him creating what he calls ‘Prosettas’, short lyrical prose portraits of characters taken from old newspaper adverts, articles, and film archives that are written to create a sense of story, place, and time and to invoke a humorous, semi-surreal portrait of ordinary people from Aberdeen’s past around the time of the Joint Hospitals Scheme.

You can find out more information about Chris’s work on his website and social media;

Instagram: @chrisleepennan