Orange-ade Design & Illustration is the creative work of Adrian Reid. 

Adrian Reid (aka Orange-ade) is an illustrator, graphic designer and printmaker based in Aberdeen, Scotland. He specialises in creating colourful, vibrant artwork with a quirky and cheeky demeanour! Beginning each piece in his studio from sketchbooks, he takes these drawings into Adobe Illustrator and then transfers the designs to silkscreen for printing. This crossover between digital and analogue processes is one of the main driving forces behind his work. 

Adrian started on the Amplify project with the designs of the materials packs for the Creative Mobile Unit. He has previously worked with us on a series of posters and a logo for the North of Scotland Brain and Spine Centre in ARI and the GHAT brand book.

You can find out more information about Adrian’s work on his website and social media;

Instagram: @orange_ade