GHAT was invited by Aberdeen Performing Arts to show the All About People installation in The Music Hall’s Blue Sky Room. To accompany the installation we commissioned the artists to create and deliver work that was performed live with APA’s Young People’s Group.

Eve Martin, Zoe Maunder and Morna Ross, from the Young People’s group, worked with the artist to create an entertaining and imaginative performance (with many costume changes). These performances were shown in Music Hall on May 28th as part of the Scottish Ensembles Scottish Creations tour and on June 16th as part of the launch evening of APA’s Light the Blue Festival.

We have been excited to have the opportunity to work with a group of young adults who have been fully involved in the project from the outset, especially over the last 2 years. The ingenuity, inventiveness and creative thinking of all involved in delivering this project while restrictions on meeting, travelling, access to resources, were in place has created an incredible and unexpected outcome.



This exhibition has been funded by Creative Scotland.

Photographs by Graeme Roger.