About Grampian Hospitals Art Trust

GHAT arose from the simple idea that improving the hospital environment by displaying art made everyone who spent time in the buildings feel better. GHAT work highlights culture as a central component of wellbeing and is a sector leader in developing bespoke creative projects for people visiting, working or utilising the services within hospitals and healthcare.

GHAT has come a long way in the 40 years or so since our first arts programmes in 1985, but still, it is committed to expanding art for all by commissioning professional artists to deliver quality projects within challenging public settings and continuous action research within the arts and wellbeing sector. Our success is measured by the feedback and comments of those we touch.

GHAT, as a charity, is supported to deliver our work for those who need it most through several funding sources. We have a Service Level Agreement with NHS Grampian and funding through NHS Grampian Endowments. We will continue to sustain our work through accessing grants, both large and small, and from the kindness and generosity of donors.

On one of the toughest days of my life, I managed to focus on the art which gave me a chance to collect my thoughts and gather the strength to keep fighting. 
Sarah Watt

Maternity patient

Yesterday was my very lowest day psychologically as physical weakness and psychological despair met. I simply could not have got through it without my art pack. It is impossible to express how much that pack has meant to me but I wanted to try and hope this can reach all who made it possible.” Alison Chandler Roxburghe House patient

What We Do To Make A Difference

Projects: GHAT works hand-in-hand with NHS Grampian to commission local and national artists to work with staff and project teams to design environments that are both relevant and sympathetic to the context of each area, its users and day to day function.

Artroom: is a patient-centred project facilitated by professional artists and writers. The ethos of Artroom is that every patient has the potential to be an artist and/or writer in their own right.

GHAT Art Collection:  GHAT owns, manages and displays over 4000 artworks across NHS Grampian properties. The GHAT Art Collection comprises of artworks either commissioned or purchased over the past 30 years.

Exhibitions: The GHAT Exhibitions Programme supports artists to create ambitious art exhibitions for display in two venues. The Suttie Arts Space and The Small Gallery, open 24/7, are within Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

Meet The Team