The Health Village Arts Project

  99 Harebells by Laurie Clark Laurie Clark is renowned for her delicate and poetic drawings, always made in series.  She recently exhibited in Japan, and her ‘101 Buttercups’ Series and publication were presented by the Ingleby Gallery in Edinburgh to critical acclaim. Harebells are a beautiful species of indigenous wild flower found along the coast of Aberdeenshire which have been historically used for medicinal purposes.  The project will consist of 99 individual framed drawings, each showing the subtle and engaging variations between each flower.  The work will be sited sensitively throughout the public spaces on the ground floor of the Aberdeen Community Health and Care Village. You can sponsor a Harebell for £180. For Each £180 sponsorship: The Harebell drawing you sponsor will be located in the Health Village You will receive an exclusive hand tinted print of the 99th Harebell by Laurie Clark and a book of all 99 Harebells containing  a picture of the Harebell you have sponsored You can choose the Harebell number (between 1-98) on a first come first served basis An acknowledgement panel will be situated on site with the name of all sponsors and their Harebell number. Sponsors can stay anonymous if they wish As the Harebells are unique works of art they are not available immediately and all sponsors will receive an acknowledgement card with a proposed date of the installation of their harebell. Harebells already sponsored 1   Jackie Bremner 4   Lesley Hall 8   Heather Kelman 9   Barbara Lamb 11  Dr Gordon Linklater 12   Sir Lewis Ritchie 17  Ann and Graham Smith 70 Linda Fraser 99  CHP  For details on how to Sponsor a Harebell please contact Tamsin Greenlaw at or 01224 552429