The Health Village Arts Project

  99 Harebells by Laurie Clark Laurie Clark is renowned for her delicate and poetic drawings, always made in series.  She recently exhibited in Japan, and her ‘101 Buttercups’ Series and publication were presented by the Ingleby Gallery in Edinburgh to critical acclaim. Harebells are a beautiful species of indigenous wild flower found along the coast of Aberdeenshire which have been historically used for medicinal purposes.  The project will consist of 99 individual framed drawings, each showing the subtle and engaging variations between each flower.  The work will be sited sensitively throughout the public spaces on the ground floor of the Aberdeen Community Health and Care Village. You can sponsor a Harebell for £180. For Each £180 sponsorship: The Harebell drawing you sponsor will be located in the Health Village You will receive an exclusive hand tinted print of the 99th Harebell by Laurie Clark and a book of all 99 Harebells containing  a picture of the Harebell you have sponsored You can choose the Harebell number (between 1-98) on a first come first served basis An acknowledgement panel will be situated on site with the name of all sponsors and their Harebell number. Sponsors can stay anonymous if they wish As the Harebells are unique works of art they are not available immediately and all sponsors will receive an acknowledgement card with a proposed date of the installation of their harebell. Harebells already sponsored 1   Jackie Bremner 4   Lesley Hall 8   Heather Kelman 9   Barbara Lamb 11  Dr Gordon Linklater 12   Sir Lewis Ritchie 17  Ann and Graham Smith 70 Linda Fraser 99  CHP  For details on how to Sponsor a Harebell please contact Tamsin Greenlaw at or 01224 552429   

ArtRoom Graduate Artists

GHAT has two short term posts available, one within Old Age Psychiatry at Royal Cornhill Hospital and one in the Royal Aberdeen Children’s hospital. We hope to enhance wellbeing by providing opportunities for participants to engage with a range of art forms, offering them new and inspiring challenges and enabling individual creative development. read more →

Roxburghe House Artroom

  The Roxburghe House Artroom project began in 2007 with a pilot project in the day unit. As it developed we began to run sessions for families, visitors, and at patient bedsides and, in 2012, started to offer creative writing alongside visual art – supporting patients to explore and record their lives in words. Over time Artroom has become an established part of the service at Roxburghe. Patient art works now adorn the walls, creating a welcoming environment for all. We now also work with outpatients, as well as offering experiential training for clinical staff.  Support from Roxburghe House clinical staff has allowed the project to root itself and flourish. We are also grateful to the Friends of Roxburghe House, who believed in and funded the project from the start and who continue, with NHS Grampian Endowments, to co-fund it. Friends of Roxburghe House NHS Endowment funds

The Suttie Arts Space NHSG staff drop-in sessions

The Suttie Arts Space is a new arts facility in ARI, Foresterhill, funded by Grampian Hospitals Art Trust. GHAT is hosting drop-in sessions (with free teas and coffees!) from28th July – 8th August, from 12noon – 1pm every weekday. read more →

200 Wards Appeal

The 200 Wards appeal offers businesses and individuals the opportunity to make a gift to support a key local resource that touches the lives of so many. Your gift will have a significant impact on our ability to continue to provide services to hospitals and medical clinics throughout the region. read more →

Project Briefs

Thank you for visiting our project brief page. We will publish opportunities as they come up. we often have opportunities to work with GHAT as a volunteer to learn more about our context within healthcare.  Volunteer opportunities

Artroom cover artists

Grampian Hospitals Art Trust and Roxburghe House are looking to employ Cover Artists to support their highly successful artRoom projects located in Roxburghe House Palliative care Unit and Woodend Hospital Rehabilitation service. read more →

Graduate and volunteer opportunities

GHAT aims to have a reciprocal and mutually beneficial exchange with our volunteers and graduates; with their involvement informing and developing our work, and our work enabling individuals to learn skills and achieve personal development. read more →

Health Village Arts Project

As part of the overall Arts Project for the Health Village, the 99 Harebells project is an unique opportunity for the North East community to get involved with this as well as and providing an alternative gift. read more →

Project Briefs – current

GHAT has no projects open to tender at present. Please visit again to see if we have anything you may be interested in applying for.
Our tenders are advertised on the local networks, Creative Scotland Opportunities page or Axis web site. read more →


Over almost 30 years GHAT has been working to create a positive and welcoming environment for NHS patients, staff and visitors. There are over 4500 artworks both framed and permanent can be seen and enjoyed throughout the wards, clinics, waiting rooms and corridors across the NHS Grampian (NHSG) sites, the largest resource of artwork for healthcare locations in Scotland. NHS Grampian covers Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and Moray (an area of 2,500 sq miles, from Leanchoil Hospital in Forres and Dr Gray’s in Elgin to Kincardine Community Hospital in Stonehaven), encompasses 115 healthcare facilities, servicing in excess of 500,000 people, over half of whom are located in Aberdeen City. It is estimated that 20,000 people access the city’s Foresterhill site on a daily basis. The collection comprises of all forms of expression from landscapes to abstract works

New Work

Grampian Hospitals Art Trust is undertaking a full review of the collection. During 2011 and 2012 we carried out an audit of all work on our database. This is an ongoing process and we are assessing the whole collection and addressing the maintenance and storage implications of 4500 works. During this assessment we are not actively collecting new work. This is an evolving process so new updates will be posted when we begin to add new work in the future………..

Richard Demarco limited edition prints

These limited edition prints are original Richard De Marco works created at Peacocks Visual Arts in 1996. Each print is for sale from £60. There are also some full sets of 20 with the same edition number. Price on enquiry to 01224 552429 read more →

Woodend Artroom

  The Artroom project at Woodend Hospital started at the end of 2010 across the rehabilitation unit’s stroke, neurology and orthopaedic wards.  It expanded to wards 15, 16 and 17 in 2013. We view the people who attend the sessions not just as patients but as artists and work in ways that encourage creative and personal development.  Many participants have lost the ability to make the basic decisions that we all take for granted and the art sessions give back a level of control.  It’s about choosing images, colours and media to create a piece of art. The art sessions also enable family interaction. It is wonderful to watch a family group working together – laughing, painting, reminiscing and communicating through art. One relative spoke about how animated her mother becomes as she speaks of her time at the Artroom, discussing her painting and planning what she is going to do the following week. We are grateful to Creative Scotland who funded the pilot project. Also to Morningfield Association, The Friends of Woodend and to Woodend NHS Grampian Endowment. For 2014 we received funding from businesses – Subsea 7 and Transocean, which ensured we could keep the project going. Transocean Onshore Support Services Ltd Subsea 7 NHS Grampian Endowments Morningfield Association  


ArtRoom   For the last six years we have been developing and running patient-centred ArtRoom sessions. These sessions give patients the chance to express themselves in a non clinical forum and provides them with a sense of release and a sense of purpose independent of their illness or disability.  Our current ArtRoom projects are placed in palliative care and acute rehabilitation units. Initial scepticism has led to huge support for these schemes by patients and staff alike and, based on their success, we are now developing new projects for oncology and the children’s hospital.