Mark-1 The world’s first whole-body MRI Scanner

Mark-1 is the world’s first clinically-used whole-body MRI Scanner, designed and built in the late 1970s by physicists and technical staff in the Medical Physics Department of the University of Aberdeen. It was used in 1980 for the first-ever diagnostic MRI body scan. More than 1000 patients were scanned on Mark-1 before it was replaced in 1983. The story of MRI began in Aberdeen in the early 1960s, when a young researcher named John Mallard studied the magnetic properties of electrons in tissue samples. John Mallard moved to Aberdeen in 1965, to take up the newly-created Chair of Medical Physics. Professor Mallard was still very interested in the possible medical uses of magnetic resonance, and he appointed Jim Hutchison to work on this. In the early 1970s Jim started putting together equipment to measure magnetic resonance signals from hydrogen in tissue samples. in 2013 GHAT was asked to house Mark-1 in The Suttie Arts Space which was still at planning stage. Mark-1 is now on permanent display in The Suttie Arts Space, alongside a documentary film by Rob Page (Schedule D Productions), which was commissioned by GHAT as part of an ongoing interpretation project.    

Opportunity – Website Developer

GHAT is seeking to employ a Website Developer to upgrade the Grampian Hospitals Art Trust website.  As the first point of contact online the GHAT website is an integral marketing tool, should represent the GHAT brand and act as a means of circulating information about all GHAT projects. For the full job description please click here. GHAT have identified 4 main areas for improvement The word press template tends to restrict the work that can be done with it It is under populated, especially in specific areas, and lacks consistency across all posts. Due to lack of visual information it is not representative of GHAT as a visual arts organisation. The website is not intuitive when navigating The Website Developer will work with GHAT core team to prioritise the following tasks Develop the website to make it more intuitive when navigating Populate the website with up to date information Create a template for uploading information by each Manager to maintain a consistency across all posts. Research and introduce an online shop Develop a mobile and tablet friendly version For the full job description please click here. Deadline for this opportunity is: Friday 21st April 5pm.   All enquiries to or 01224 551776 Please send all applications to the same email or the address below Tamsin Greenlaw Grampian Hospitals Arts Trust Aberdeen Royal Infirmary Foresterhill Aberdeen AB25 2ZN      

Making Connections

The Suttie Arts Space GHATReport 2016 Making Connections (abridged)