Barbara1 - NeuroRehab - 24-04-13

Artroom offers an environment that supports individual creativity within healthcare settings. Art and writing sessions take place in a shared studio environment or one-to-one, and participants are supported to find their own style and work at their own pace. Through ongoing conversation, sessions are tailored to draw out individual needs and interests. Artroom is based on the understanding that everyone is creative and that doing art and writing can be surprising, meaningful, challenging, playful, absorbing, reflective and exciting – and offers participants the opportunity to be fully themselves.


Currently Artroom runs projects at Roxburghe House and Woodend Hospital. Based on huge support from patients and staff alike, we are now developing Artrooms in other healthcare settings across Grampian. We are also in the process of writing a book that will share experiences about the project and include stories about patients’ creative work and lives.