About Ghat

Grampian Hospitals Art Trust SCIO (GHAT) is a registered Scottish charity which was launched in 1985 with the main aim of enhancing healthcare spaces throughout Grampian by the provision of art and artworks.  Today GHAT has an impressive collection of over 4,000 works that are installed in hospitals and healthcare spaces throughout the North East region.

By 2016, as well as working with staff to hang new framed artwork in the wards and corridors, we commission artists and install artworks within hospitals.  From our earliest days we managed a changing exhibition programme within our hospital gallery.  In November 2014 we proudly opened The Suttie Arts Space in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary (ARI), the first bespoke contained arts space of its kind in Britain. The Small Gallery in ARI also continues to show a wonderful range of new work for sale.

If this wasn’t enough, in 2007 we researched and developed “Artroom”.  A project where artists work directly with patients and families.  This is now delivered in four venues and we receive requests to expand this service across the region.

These unique exhibition spaces and projects allow GHAT to bring diverse and exciting arts programmes directly to the heart of NHSG hospitals and the North East.