Welcome to the Grampian Hospitals Art Trust (GHAT) website

ghatlogonoshapeWelcome to the Grampian Hospitals Art Trust (GHAT) web site.  Since the launch of the original Hospitals Arts Project in 1985 we have become the leading arts in healthcare organisation in Scotland.

GHAT makes art work in healthcare.

Our work encompasses the whole of the North East of Scotland working across all the NHS Grampian facilities and sites. (240 venues and 155 facilities). NHS Grampian(NHSG) has the most diverse user profile possible across the North East: literally from birth to death; urban to remote-rural. Our work impacts on the whole community, all ages and all conditions. We are a service for everyone who comes in contact with healthcare in the North East of Scotland.

People accessing the services of a hospital come from all walks of life and do not necessarily choose to be there. Those who access healthcare are potentially dealing with the fundamentals of their very being – life itself.  Anxiety, concern, boredom, no matter how excellent and caring our NHS healthcare service is, the clinical environment itself can be a daunting prospect for patients and visitors.  For almost 30 years, Grampian Hospitals Art Trust has worked with the NHS to improve our healthcare spaces with original art and design, as well as incorporating patient art sessions to improve quality of life and to aid healing. Far from being a mere ‘luxury’, our work is recognised by NHSG as an important element of our high-quality healthcare environment.



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