New Commission Opportunity for Inverurie Community Hospital

GHAT has a new opportunity for an artist with an interest in horticulture to work on the Inverurie Community Hospital site. Deadline for applications - Monday 15th April  After the success of GHAT’s Resonate:Disseminate project, which has now come to a...

Bright Moments Photo Contest

Celebrate the move from winter to spring with Grampian Hospitals Art Trust’s photographic opportunity BRIGHT MOMENTS. There is always a bright side of cold and dark - it all depends on how you look at things.  Everyone has an Inner Artist who needs to be fed and...

alienation, by Michelle Hannah

9th February - 7th April 2019 The Suttie Arts Space Presenting a series of new photomontage works, this exhibition is based on the book 'Woman on the Edge of Time' by Marge Piercy, one of the first feminist utopian novels about a woman wrongly incarcerated in a New...

Shakir Maghul | Healing Colours

12th February - 7th April 2019 The Small Gallery, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary Shakir Maghul’s exhibition explores the idea that colours can have a psychological impact on someone’s attitude. Do they really have an effect on our mood and do they really influence us?...

Creamy Dreamy Cockatoo

Creamy-Dreamy-Cockatoo is the result of a commission for new work by Emma McCarthy and Emma Nellies in response to the ‘Mustard Blanket’ exhibition by Frances Disley, Flo Gordon and Laura McGlinchey, in The Suttie Arts Space in 2018. *Please click on the...
GHAT is an arts organisation which exists to enhance the wellbeing and experience of all who spend time in hospital.


The GHAT Exhibitions Programme supports artists to create ambitious art exhibitions for display in 2 venues in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary


GHAT works closely with NHSG on new capital build projects and the refurbishment of existing NHSG buildings across the North East of Scotland, Orkney and Shetland.


Artroom is a patient led project of creative session for patients and their carers during long term stays in hospital. 

Art Collection

Over 4000 Artworks On Exhibition Across NHS Grampian.


Grampian Hospitals Art Trust is a charitable organisation which is supports the wellbeing of all who need to access care in hospitals. Our donors, volunteers and supporters make this possible and we’re hugely grateful to every single one of them. 

Grampian Hospitals Art Trust is an independent charity working with art to create a difference across NHS Grampian hospitals.